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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Green Carpet Cleaning Products

When your carpet is dirty, the first thing you probably want to do is soak your rug in a ton of highly effective and highly toxic cleaning products to eradicate the stain. While highly chemical products boasting a ton of deep cleaning power might seem like the best route to take to get rid of a stain, the choice you make when you first treat your rug could have serious effects on its long-term health. When it comes to really getting rid of a stain and keeping your carpet fresh, cleaning carpets the green way is the way to go. When you invest in green carpet cleaning methods, you’re making sure your carpet stays clean and healthy without hurting the environment. Here are just a few reasons why green cleaning your carpet is the best way to go.

1. Safety

Most conventional cleaners on the market work with harmful chemicals to make sure their products hit stains hard on contact. However, while chemical cleaners can be effective at getting out deep stains, they come at a large cost to your safety. Even if you’re a careful reader of labels, you can never be 100% sure that the cleaner you’re using doesn’t contain a chemical or additive that’s harmful to your family and the environment at large. Harsh cleaners like bleach and ammonia work to get rid of all types of staining and bacteria, including the types of helpful bacteria that we need to fight viruses and germs around the home. With green cleaners, you can be sure that all the ingredients used are tested, tried, and true, and won’t be leaving a harmful carbon footprint.

2. Efficacy

Most buyers feel that although green cleaners are a nice alternative to chemical cleaners, they simply don’t do as good a job at getting rid of grime. This, however, is a huge misconception. Green cleaners are just as effective as most conventional cleaners on the market, if not more so. Cleaners that use all-natural or safe chemical ingredients use a gentler approach to treating stains that actually helps get deeper into the root of the stain to get rid of odor and residue. Since you don’t have to worry about leaving a sticky chemical stain behind, you can even use more product to make sure your carpet stays clean and stain-free for longer.

3. Carpet Health

Carpet Health

When your carpet is dirty, you want to clean it as quickly as possible. But when keeping your carpet stain-free comes at the cost of a long-lasting, healthy-looking rug, it’s time to think twice about what kinds of products you’re using. Green cleaners aren’t as harsh on your rug’s fibers since they rely on gentler formulas and natural ingredients to eradicate dirt and odor. Instead of attacking your rug, these cleaners attack the offending material while leaving your rug healthy and pristine. If you’re someone who likes to clean constantly, using green products allows you to clean more frequently without any risk to your carpet’s longevity, look, or overall health.

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