Is a Bathroom Refurbishment Project Expensive 

Do you want to remodel your outdated bathroom project? You desire to have a new beautiful space with a pleasing color palette, spacious shower & tub area, and ample storage. But, what are the expenses of remodeling your lavatory?

The cost of a bathroom refurbishment project can shock many, especially those on a tight financial budget. Several online guides about bathroom refurbishment’s pricing are available for your reference. They can help understand why remodeling of the smallest rooms in your home are expensive jobs to do.

Involvement of All Trades

Most contractors offering bathroom refurbishment services are licensed, insured, and bonded professionals. Although a bathroom may not be large in square footage, almost every trade person has a vital role in your project. These include carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter, cabinet maker, flooring installer, drywall installer, and demolition crew. Working with all these trades to complete a bathroom refurbishment project makes it so expensive.

Scale-less Cost-cutting Measures

Typical bathrooms in a home are 5’x8’ in size. While the cost of the materials to add to a 40 square area is relatively low, the labor required to do the job will cost a large percentage of the total project’s expenses. All the said trades incur a minimum cost to give you the quote, come to your place, set up their tools, and do the work.

Required Coordination 

Your bathroom refurbishment needs contractors and subcontractors to be completed. To schedule and coordinate the work of all those persons effectively takes time and focus. Many contractors work on multiple small projects to make incremental progress on a particular project and then hope to the next one.

Ideally, you can hire a bathroom refurbishment company that assigns a lead project manager who is committed to working on one project at a time. It will help your project get completed faster and with fewer unwelcoming surprises.