How You Can Effectively Make Your Bathroom Look Larger

Small bathrooms seem to be the standard nowadays, and this is because real estate space is precious. If you’re lucky enough to have a big bathroom, then good for you – but most of us have to make do with a small bathroom, which can make using the bathroom a bit more challenging. But even if you have a small bathroom, there are ways through which you can make it look larger. Your bathroom doesn’t have to look small even if it is small. So how can you make your small bathroom look larger than it really is? Here’s how you can effectively make your bathroom look larger.

  • Install a shower enclosure with clear glass

Frosted glass may work for some shower areas, but it doesn’t work for all – particularly if your bathroom is small. If you want your bathroom to look larger, the first thing you can do is go for a shower area which features clear glass instead of translucent or frosted glass. This is especially true if your shower area has glass which is textured. You want to eliminate the visual separation caused by a barrier and having clear glass for your shower will help this. Better yet, go for a frameless shower door with clear glass – a frameless shower will definitely help eliminate the barriers within the different areas of your bathroom, and it’s easier to get into and out of as well.

  • Take advantage of natural lighting

Natural light can go a long way in making your bathroom look larger. With more natural lighting, it’s also easier to perform tasks such as applying makeup or shaving. Even if you want privacy, installing shutters or blinds will just make your bathroom look smaller. One option would be to cover your bathroom windows with translucent shades or install a window made of stained glass, which can still let the natural light in. But if the window in your bathroom is too small, you have another option: to install more lighting fixtures, particularly on both sides of the mirror (sconces should do the trick) or on the ceilings (such as downlights or recessed ceiling lights).

  • Recess your shelving and cabinetry into your bathroom’s walls

Another way through which your bathroom can look larger is for you to be creative with your traditional bathroom furniture and have your shelving and cabinetry recessed into your bathroom’s walls. Storage space is essential for any bathroom, but it doesn’t need to take up a major portion of the bathroom’s space. By having your linen or towel cabinets recessed into the wall, you have more space to move around and your bathroom can be much more functional and efficient. This may mean putting in a bit more effort into reframing a portion of the wall, but even 4 inches of extra recessed space can work wonders.