Unique ideas for the decorative lights made from vintage maps

Since autumn is around the corner and the nights are getting chilly, the dusk becomes dark soon and the use of the lights inside the house is increasing, this is the time when you need some change in your otherwise same lighting in the house. there are basic, over the head lights, there in all the houses but the more the nights get chillier, the more you want some crafty warm light spreading from some masterpieces in terms of the lamps and other fixtures.

So bring out the spirit of the craftsman inside you and set to create some amazing lights all by yourself.

All you need for the perfect designing of these lights, is the right inspiration and the motivation to go along and create something better. There are tons of ideas where you can use them to create a customized and a personalized environment even with the use of the lamp shades.

If you cannot think of any ideas, then take a look at the short list below, to learn more about how you could make the beautiful lamp shades.

If you have got some love for traveling, then you could always give a touch of that to your lights as well.

Let us get to some ideas where the cool travel equipment could help you create some really good decorative lights, lamps and the surrounding areas.

Simple use an old map for the shade

You love for travelling could be easily depicted by the use of the maps for the decoration of your home. For this, all you need are some vintage maps or pages from an old atlas, that you could use to paste on the shade of the lamp and change the whole look of it. When you carefully apply the vintage map on to the lamp shade, just be sure to follow some video tutorial to end it perfectly. And it would definitely add an amazing light effect on the wall.

Use vintage maps for the lamp base

The decoupage technique is the best for the application of the old maps on to the base of the lamp. Be sure to choose such a lamp that has a large base which is preferably one piece and it does not have a lot of curves too. So you could paste the map on the surface easily. The result would be chic and classy.

Recycled maps for a global lamp

Another technique is to make an entirely new and different light by combining all the recycled maps and old book pages from your library or you could buy them from some store. Then follow the road map design light tutorial to make a fancy light that has a lot of stories to tell from your travel journey.

Global light

Simply use a vintage globe and use it as a lighting fixture. You could hang it upside down or place it on a lamp to form a shade.