Tips to Avoid Having Piles of Laundry to Deal With 

You spend too much time during the weekends washing clothes. Even if you use a washing machine, there’s no guarantee that you can finish everything right away. You still have to wait for a while until the machine finishes its job. If you don’t have a dryer, you have to hang all your clothes and wait for them to dry. You also have to fold them once dry. If you hate wasting your weekends because of laundry, you have to think of ways to reduce the volume of clothes you need to wash.

Don’t wait until the weekends 

If you have a few hours to spare after work, you can use it to wash your clothes. You can also schedule a mid-week laundry time so that you can you can divide the volume. You can cut the time for washing during the weekends, and have enough time to do other things.

Avoid layered clothing if necessary

Unless it’s winter and it’s too cold outside, you have to avoid layered clothing. Find casual clothes that you can wear with ease. On a regular non-working day, you can have a shirt and a pair of jeans. You will reduce your laundry if you don’t wear a lot.

Don’t wash jeans right away

The good thing about jeans is that you don’t have to wash them often. It’s not like other fabric that requires you to wash after every use. Jeans become crisper and more comfortable to use when not washed regularly. Unless there are stains or you sweated profusely while wearing them, you can wait until after your third use before washing.

Plan what to wear 

It helps if you plan what to wear so you can reduce your laundry. You will know if you already have a lot for the entire week. It also helps to plan so you can determine how much time you will spend doing the laundry.

Try these changes and see if you can reduce your laundry for the week. You also want to enjoy your weekends, and it’s terrible if you can’t due to the piles of clothes you need to wash. Besides, you also have other household chores to deal with. When you consider the time you spend doing all of them, you might have nothing left for yourself. Even the time you have for your family gets sacrificed.

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