Techniques to Proof your Home Solar panel against Pigeons Invasion

Solar energy is quickly becoming a necessity for modern homes. The system is eco-friendly as it helps in conserving energy. However, installing the system can attract birds to build shelters in the spaces. Since pigeons are becoming a menace for homeowners in the urban centers and suburbs, it is critical to know the technique available to pigeon proof solar panels.  By doing so, you will increase the solar panel’s service. The cost of installing a new system is much higher than undertaking simple renovations to proof the system against pigeon invasion and nesting.

Techniques to Limit Pigeons from Invading your Solar Panels

Solar panels can last for many years. However, exposure to birds can lead to gradual degradation due to its waste products and other external particles. The gaps in solar panels act as the ideal places for birds to build their nests. Here are some techniques that can limit the birds from nesting in your solar panels and roofing system;

Keep the Environment Clean

Food will attract pigeons around your premises. It is critical to avoid pouring food around the compound if you do not want pigeons to eat from your compound. Also, ensure to seal the garbage bin and avoid leaving your pet’s food outdoors. When you keep the environment clean and free from food particles, there are minimal chances that birds will be settling in your compound. It eliminates the chances of them building nests on the solar panels.

Spikes and Wire mesh

Blocking the pathway of pigeons to entering the panel spaces is an effective way of protecting your solar system from the damage that pigeons pose.  Although there will be a space between the panel and the roof, it is vital to cover the sides with wire mesh. The shields are easy to install and will inhibit birds from penetrating the spaces. On the other hand, you can consider installing spikes on top of the solar panel if the area is notorious for birds. It will discourage them from settling at the roof, and they will opt for an alternative site.

Use of Preying Bird Models

Pigeons will flee at the sight of preying birds. Models that resemble hawks, eagles, and owls effectively scare away birds as they cannot determine if it is real. However, it is essential to change the positions as pigeons may get used to the model. The model should quickly move with the weather conditions, and it will deter birds from accessing the compound.

Maintaining the Solar panels

Although you may be taking a reactive approach to proofing your solar panels against pigeon invasion, you can still maintain the system and improve its service life. Companies that deal with pest control ate the ideal people to contact to get the job done. They have the expertise and tools essential in getting rid of the menace.        After removing the nests, they clean the waste products and use chemicals to finish any particles from the solar panel surfaces.


Protection of the solar panel is a worthy investment. Please take the proactive approach.