How to Operate a Portable Ice Maker

In order to start up, portable ice makers need about 230 watts of energy and use about 100 watts continuously when they are working. It’s quick to make some tasty ice with your brand new portable ice maker. All you have to do is plug the ice maker in first, and then pick the scale. You can choose from three sizes: mini, medium, and huge. All you have to do is tap one button in order to pick the scale. On the computer, the sizes go in order, so it begins with small, one tap to medium, one tap to big, and one tap back to small. Highly straight forward.

The next move is to pick up the ice basket and fill the tank with water after choosing the size of the ice you want to make. It will accommodate up to around one gallon of water at the same time. When the water is all gone, the ice machine detects it, because it knows when to close itself off.

You click one turn after loading the water tank, and then all you have to do is wait a brief 6 to 10 minutes. Nine ice cubes can be created after the time is up (twelve in some higher end models) and they will fall into the removable ice basket, then nine more will follow, and then nine more, and so on. The tabletop ice cube maker has a sensor, as described, so it knows when to switch itself off. Because of this, you can keep the lightweight ice machine going for as long as you want to. You’ve never had to cut it off.

The ice basket is NOT a fridge or refrigerator! The ice will melt and water will plunge into the reservoir immediately. To generate more ice, the water can then be recycled.

You can always put the generated ice into a Ziploc baggie and into the freezer if you want to, so you always have ice on hand! If you do not like the concept of filtered water, there is also a drain on the side of the unit that is easy to use. Everything you do is place it next to the sink and turn the cap off, and all the reservoir water pours out into the sink.

Starting your Ice maker

  • Open and clear the ice basket from the top layer.

Delete any dust or items in the water tank that might be

  • To the area named “MAX” fill the water tank.
  • The ice-maker will frequently monitor the water level in the reservoir automatically. The maker of ice

Any water scarcity will be sensed and the ice making cycle will end, and then the ADD WATER will stop.

The indicator is illuminated.

Click the ON / OFF button to load the tank with water, then press the ON / OFF button again to fill the tank with water.

The ice-making loop is restarted and the ADD WATER indicator goes out when the ice-maker begins.

Automatically in the normal operating period.

The ice maker will stop working and when the ice cubes are gathered and enter the bin sensor,

The ICE FULL symbol is illuminated.


The infrared sensors can be affected by direct sunlight and cause the device to malfunction.

If the device does not interrupt the ice-making process at any moment, even if the ice-bin is complete, shift

To another spot where it is out of direct sunshine, the machine.

The water temperature should be between 7 ° C (45oF) and 35 ° C (95oF) for best performance.

Between 15 ° C (59oF) and 25 ° C (77oF) and the climate.

Real ice processing potential may depend on the atmospheric temperature of the region.

As well as the temperature and consistency of the water used to create the ice, the ice maker

Having Ice Out of the Ice-bin-bin

  • To reach the ice basket, open the top cover.
  • Extract the desired volume of ice and cover the roof


* The possibility of electrical shock may arise from incorrect use of the grounded plug. If the cord of control is

Please contact our customer support if it is broken.

  1. For your safety, this unit should be properly grounded. The power cord of this unit is fitted with

With a three-prong socket that suits traditional three prong wall outlets to decrease the risk of

An electrical shock.

  1. Plug in an exclusive, fully mounted, grounded wall outlet for your appliance. Do not do so under any

Break or detach the third (ground) prong from the power cord in some conditions. Any issues relating to

A trained electrician should be guided towards power and/or grounding.

  1. This system includes a regular three-prong ground electrical outlet of 110-120 volts, 60Hz.

It is highly advised to clean it thoroughly before using your ice maker.