Disposing of Asbestos Waste After Brisbane Asbestos Removal

Thinking about getting rid of asbestos when it’s removed from a building? You may need to know exactly how that works, because it can’t just be exposed and thrown away like regular trash. There is a lot of cleanup and decontamination that needs to be done to ensure yours and everyone’s safety. If you’re hiring the right professionals to do the job, then you’ll want to make sure this is done. If you’re doing it yourself, you need to take some extra steps, and we’ll provide some of them here in this guide!

Seal it Up

One thing is for certain – when you’re removing asbestos, the fibers can literally get everywhere – even the air says When you’re getting ready to dispose of it, make sure that all debris that may contain asbestos is in industry approved disposable bags, double bag them, and make sure that you only seal every bag (seal the first bag, put it in another bag and seal it too). You can even go three bags and be safe.

Wipe Down Everything

Fortunately, asbestos is a very dry material, and it’s like fiberglass shards. Make sure that you wipe everything that could be in the area where removal took place by wiping it down with damp cloths. You never want to use a vacuum or sweep, because this can make the particles go into the air – which can be potentially hazardous.

Roll It Up

Often in larger rooms or areas, you’ll want to ensure that a polyethylene drop cloth is used. This will catch any scattering asbestos. When the job is done, you’ll want to roll it up, and treat it like debris. This means you’ll use the same double-bagging and sealing method as mentioned above.

Always Use Your PPE

Don’t ever take off your PPE, until everything is completely done, and everything is cleaned up. This will ensure that you will have minimal skin and lung exposure. Always use gloves to handle asbestos, and when the job is finally completed, you’ll want to treat it just as you would the debris (take off your gloves and mask and throw them in their own individual bags – seal them up, and double bag them too!). This may seem like a lot of waste, but asbestos is just that dangerous.

Scrub a Dub!

There’s always a small chance that someone’s skin will get exposed to asbestos, but one can get rid of it by washing the hands, taking a shower, and scrubbing the body very well. This will ensure that the asbestos cannot be dispersed into the air or through contact exposure. Of course, asbestos isn’t dangerous to the skin alone, but it can be spread very easily.


If you’re wanting the best asbestos exposure resistance possible, always hire a private asbestos remover who is licensed and insured to do the job right. There are only a handful of people who are certified asbestos removers, but it’s well worth it – they’ll make sure to get your asbestos out of your home and disposed of properly.