Are Solar Panels Good for Roof Preservation?

Every homeowner is considering going solar, with solar installations on the rise. There’s no better time than now to embrace solar energy, whether you want to get a federal tax credit for solar energy or lower your home’s monthly energy bills.

Many homeowners are curious about how these panels could affect their roofs. Is the roof susceptible to damage from solar panels? Can solar panels save my roof? Let’s take a closer look at solar panel technology and see what they can do for your roof.

Can Solar Panels Help My Roof Last Longer?

Solar panels are generally more durable than other roofing materials, provided they are properly installed. Solar panels are the best option for protecting your roof.

We Need Less Heat and Sun

Although you may not be aware, sun rays can cause damage to your roof. Exposure to the sun for too long can cause roof shingles to deteriorate and make existing flaws more obvious. The roof’s coating will become brittle, limiting its ability to expand and contract with changing temperatures. The coating will crack over time or worse, fall off completely, leaving your roof exposed.

Solar panels are a great way to reduce the harmful effects of the sun. Solar panels can block harmful radiation, slow down shingle decay, and generate electricity for your home by being placed on your roof. Solar panels also prevent roof overheating. Because they allow air to flow freely from the mounting surface of the solar panels to the roof, this is because the panels allow air to flow between them. This allows for additional cooling of the shingles which should maintain their flexibility.

We are Exposed to Less Weather

Your roof is there to protect your family from the elements that’s why having solar panels is a great option. Solar panels, in other words, will increase the lifespan of your roof by protecting it from rain, hail, snow, and wind.

You might be asking yourself, “If weather elements can damage my roofing, then surely they will also damage my solar panels.” Modern panels are made from premium-grade materials, which are built to withstand the most severe weather conditions. Manufacturers test their panels regularly to ensure that they are reliable and durable. Your solar panels will not only protect your roof and home, but also provide your energy needs.

But Won’t Installing Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

Many homeowners are worried about solar panel installation. They are concerned about roof holes that could lead to leaks and shingle damage. They don’t realize that solar installations rarely require drilling. Contractors can use either a roof clamp or ballasted racking system to install solar panels. Neither requires drilling.

Some companies may attach their solar energy systems to roof rafters. As long as the contractor is skilled, there are no worries about water leaking or holes causing damage to your roof. Premium solar companies offer insurance to protect your roof and cover any repairs or in the event of a faulty installation.

It’s Time to Go Solar!

Although solar installations can be costly, the benefits far outweigh their cost. Solar energy systems will not only lower your electricity bills, but they can also extend the life of your roof and protect your home better. Depending on how your roof is installed, it shouldn’t need any drilling.

This article was written by a solar expert at Solar Tech Elec. Solar Tech Elec is a premier solar installer in Florida with expanded services in North Charleston, South Carolina. They work with homeowners to install photovoltaic systems and provide them with a way to save money on their energy bills, protect themselves against rising electricity prices and be part of the solution for clean renewable energy.