7 Plumbing Hacks to Keep the System in Top Shape

How often do you think about your plumbing system? For most people, it only comes to mind when something isn’t working as it should. A leaky faucet, backing black sludge/debris, clogged toilets, among others, dealing with plumbing issues is no fun. It gets worse when it happens during odd hours, for example, late in the night, or you don’t have the tools or skills to deal with the issues. As you endeavor to keep your plumbing in top shape, here are a few straightforward hacks that can help.

Routine checks

Enlisting professional services for routine checks can do wonders. For example, they can spot the issues before it develops into significant problems, undertake timely repair and maintenances to avoid costly replacements, and save time, to mention a few. Finding the best service might not be a cakewalk, but with the following top 10 plumbing tips to narrow your search, it won’t be such a hassle. The best pros will check your system and offer actionable information to help you keep the plumbing system at its best.

Keep the oil/grease away

Oil/grease going down the sink might seem alright; after all, it is liquid and can flow well. However, that’s not the case, and while it won’t trouble your immediately, the gradual buildup can cause significant worries. Reoccurring issues due to clogged pipes will keep troubling you, stressing the need to keep grease/oil away from the sink.

Strainers are a gem

A strainer doesn’t cost a fortune, yet it can keep a significant mess off your pipes. From keeping hair and soap residues among others out of the pipes, investing in a strainer can help keep the system flowing smoothly.

Know your flush items

Do you flush fish? Your toilet shouldn’t be the go-to for everything as some items shouldn’t be flushed, including the commonly overlooked ones such as hygiene products, medication, or cotton balls, to mention a few.

Know your chemicals

Clogs aren’t fun, and as you strive to deal with the menace, most people turn to chemicals drain cleaners. However, not every chemical is ideal, as some can considerably damage the pipes, costing you a lot more in the long-run. Chemical drain cleaners win more users’ attention due to their instant effect notion, but looking beyond the immediate impact shouldn’t be discounted to ensure that your pipes won’t be affected.

Freezing is terrible for the plumbing system

Frozen pipes can cause problematic issues. The easiest hack is insulating the outdoor pipes and others in rooms rarely used as air conditioning isn’t prioritized. As you endeavor to stay warm during the cold season, keep your plumbing system in mind to avoid plumbing issues.

Monitor your toilet’s flush

Is your toilet’s flush leaking? A simple test can help you spot leaky toilet flush valve seal and avoid bigger plumbing issues down the like. Pour a few food coloring drops in the tank, and after a few hours, check if the toilet bowl water is colored. If it is, you have a leaky flush valve seal issue, which should be immediately addressed.

Plumbing issues can knock you off balance, but you can keep them at bay with the above hacks and maintain the system in top shape.