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How To Choose The Best Time Of Year To Replace Your Windows

Best time to get windows repaired

Wooden window frames require special attention, which is why it is worth to look at all elements regularly. You can eliminate minor flaws on your own, but when it comes to serious problems, it is better to seek help from specialists.

Owners of wooden windows may think that it is best to do refurbishments in summer, but this isn’t so. In order to understand the advantages and disadvantages of repairs in a certain season, one should pay attention to the work that needs to be done and other points.

Window repair in winter

Despite the widespread opinion, there are a lot of people who wish to repair windows in winter. There is a simple explanation for this. Since the peak of work of installers and repairers falls on the warm season, the number of applicants increases significantly. This means queues are inevitable.

The advantages of making renovations in winter:

  • quick detection of imperfections (drafts, gaps, etc.);
  • low cost of services;
  • not many people who wish to use these services.

The only drawback is the prohibition to start working when the temperature drops below zero. In this case, you may need additional advice, which you can obtain by following the link

Window repair in spring

Timber windows restoration in early spring is almost the same as repairs in winter cold. There is still no queue of clients, which means that your task will be completed on time. The air temperature won’t be an issue, so there is no better season.

Seals and the materials used to fill the voids quickly adhere to the substrate. You won’t have to wait long to see the effect, so the idea becomes even more attractive. The ability to check the work during the coolness of spring is one more benefit.

Window repair in summer

Those who have planned window restoration for the summer should prepare for the long wait in advance. A large number of those wishing to sign a contract and quickly finish their repair work complicates the process a lot. However, there are still some advantages:

  • short drying time of materials;
  • opportunity to paint your frame / block / window sill;
  • absence of any restrictions on the time of repair.

If you are ready to wait for your turn and don’t rush to repair your windows, you can give preference to the summer season. Schedule work at the start of your vacation, and you won’t have to worry about if all your wishes and requirements are fulfilled correctly.

Window repair in autumn

Many customers like the warm months of autumn, as the weather is no different from the summer during this period. The end of the autumn season stays attractive because of its low temperatures. So, after the completion of your sash windows renovation, it will not be difficult to find out about the shortcomings.

Scott James specialists work all year round, and only you decide which of the seasons you prefer. In turn, we guarantee you efficiency and high-quality results. Comprehensive services are a guarantee of your comfort at any time of the year!