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A neat lawn to Enjoy the Garden: Your Second Home

If you have a garden or a terrace with lawn at home you already know what it is to enjoy nature without leaving it. But, if you still do not have it and are willing to change the landscape of this space, this is your opportunity to write down the necessary indications to keep your meadow ready all year round. It adds value to what can be your second home, it is the best business card for all your guests.

Taking good care of the lawn is essential for a terrace or garden to become an extension of your living room, your kitchen or even your bedroom, maybe you dare to sleep watching the stars this summer.

4 Steps to take care of the Lawn

Whatever your choice, the lawn requires regular care throughout the year, especially during the growing season, when the weather is mild. It is usually in the spring, late summer and autumn. And, the fundamental tasks that you have to perform are, let’s start with Lawn care ideas:

  1. Irrigation

Being able to maintain a lawn requires regular watering. For this the simplest thing is to install an automated irrigation system. The lawn will thank you. A square meter of grass usually needs between 3 and 6 liters of water per day depending on the season and temperatures. The irrigation season, always depending on the rains, would be from April to October, and the irrigation times range from five to twenty minutes, from one to three times a day. The frequency depends on the flow of each diffuser or sprinkler.

  1. Mowing or Cutting

Although it is the most boring task, it is one of the most important factors in lawn care. By correct cutting, the grass regenerates and we prevent the grass from blooming and becoming woody. At the time of mowing, the height of the plant must always be observed: a maximum of one third of its height is cut, so that it grows more and has an optimal appearance. In case of wanting to reduce the cutting height a lot, it should be done in several mowing and not only a drastic one.

  1. Scarified and Airy

If your lawn is very compacted and damaged by trampling, and it is not soft and soft to the touch, then you need to perform a scarification. In lawns of a certain age, this work acts as a regenerator. The machine used for this is called a scarified, it can be manual or motorized and can be rented in garden machinery centers or large areas.

It is recommended to do it at least once a year, being at the end of summer or beginning of autumn the best time. Then proceed to make a sanding consisting of scattering river sand that will improve the texture of the soil.

It is also advisable to make deeper aerated aerating machines or shoes with spikes, if it is a private garden, to oxygenate the roots in spring.

  1. Subscriber

So that the lawn can develop healthy and bright you have to provide the nutrients you need, that is why it is very important to fertilize especially at the end of winter and in spring. There are two types of fertilizer:

-Organic: of animal origin (manure) or vegetable (mulch), is applied at the end of winter and provides the necessary nutrients for sprouting and germination of seeds.

– Mineral: chemical origin usually occurs in the form of blue or brown pellets and are composed of different concentrations of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK). It is applied gradually and in little quantity in spring and autumn.

Also, throughout the year we must perform cleaning tasks such as collecting leaves, removing weeds or over seeding when the grass has bald, being the best time for it in early spring or early fall.

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